Beer – tasty, local, award winning

As a small independent business employing 10 people, it is going to be tough surviving without our tap room and without the trade from local pubs and pubs across the UK.

Our beers are still available via our website, Amazon, Beerwulf, Beer Hawk, Sainsbury’s and local independent bottle shops – please support them as they’ve been hard hit too.

We are part of a vibrant local ecosystem of other small businesses and other breweries. Please do what you can to support us all. Instead of buying big brand beer, please ‘think local and drink local’ – and buy your beer from us or our friends at Barney’s, Campervan, Jump Ship, Pilot, Stewart Brewing, Top Out, Winton – and all the other great Scottish small breweries.

Place your order online via – for home delivery or to pick up at the brewery (and save £5). We will be open for take aways between 10am – 4pm weekdays and 12 – 4pm weekends.

You can also support Bellfield by buying a “gift voucher” to redeem in our tap room, when things open up again – we will all need a drink together, when things ease off again! You’ll find them here

Thank you!